Zoom Sessions

Zoom Sessions

Following the pandemic , I had to think on my feet on how I was going to continue my therapeutic relationships with my clients and sustain the progress we had made .
It was and still is a difficult time for many.

Thankfully Zoom was implemented into my daily practice and I now continue to work with Zoom and clients, offering one to one therapy or couple therapy .
As a techno phobe , I must admit I was reluctant at first, however it’s been a fantastic platform to conduct therapy and I’m very happy that I have been able to continue my relationships with my clients and that they too have continued with their “ healing “.

If you are anxious of face to face sessions or simply your busy schedule simply will not allow I offer Therapy from the comfort of you own home, when and where you need it.

Online therapy is safe , GDPR compliant and allows you to grow a therapeutic relationship and tackle what ever issue you may be having .

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