Self-Injury Workshop

Today I stood up in front of a lot of people and ran a Self-Injury Workshop…
It does not seem to matter how often I do these workshops, my heart was still pounding in my chest, my stomach crunching with every breath I took … Trying to appreciate my anxiety, I tell it thank you but I am good, I can do this … I don’t need to run anywhere. I am safe.
The little trembles within my hands, within my chest diminishes … I close my eyes and remember why I am here … how far I have come on my own journey …
We all have to face our fears however big or small … that’s where our growth is, that’s the place change happens . . . In those scary moments …. and today I leaped, I leaped knowing and trusting in myself ☺
As a Counsellor, I still need to take leaps in order to be my true authentic self. That is what we all have in common and can share together.

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  1. Hi Charlotte. I understand the fear of talking in public and the pounding heart; it has actually overwhelmed me. I stay in for the most part. On your list I suffer from many problems. The main one’s are: Anxiety, depression, and panic. Also, I have an addictive personality and have become addicted to sex with men and women. My troubles started to get really bad after I left school. I’ve engaged in some counselling, however, always felt too embarrassed to tell the truth, or sometimes haven’t known my truth. I like you profile because the areas you deal in fit my problems and you have to go to London for the addiction I suffer from. I suppose I’m confused about my sexuality as well. I’ll leave my name and email with a view to discussing counselling with you. I hope that’s OK. Today I’m on welfare; I have been for the last 8 years. I feel very stuck and cannot cope with my anxiety or stop my addiction for long.I’m in my early forties so need to do something, or at least try,

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